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Originally from Long Beach, CA, I earned my BA in World Literature from UC Santa Cruz (go banana slugs!), then moved to New York City to continue studying English at CUNY Hunter College (go hawks!). At that point, I just couldn't quit higher ed, so I went on to earn my PhD at CU-Boulder (go buffs!).


Looking to combine my passions for writing, teaching, and continual learning, I joined a unique team at Wix, a leading website developer, dedicated to helping students, faculty, and staff across the country integrate digital portfolio websites and other website building into the classroom and providing curriculum resources for teachers.


My Publications

My academic research explores environmental narratives and processes of globalization in World Literature, particularly contemporary Indian literature in English. I interrogate environmental relationality as a critical concept, which implies that one’s story is always bound up in that of another; it encompasses how human and nonhumans alike relate to and within ecosystems, especially the ways in which people both interact with and are constituted by the environment beneath and around them.


My Teaching

My teaching has always been guided by a deep interest in the

inter-dependence of reading, writing, and speech to create, communicate, and process ideas. Neil Gaiman’s famous quote that “literature does not occur in a vacuum" is an integral sentiment for the writing classroom as well. All writing is a conversation inclusive of readers, and above all, I encourage students to engage with audience, context, and genre in order to understand their rhetorical power in the world.

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